About us

Prime Case Funding is a national full-service legal funding firm serving both attorneys and their clients. We understand your situation and we strive to tailor a financial solution that will meet your specific needs. Litigation financing can reduce financial stress and hardship that results from being in a lawsuit. Our service can empower you to “win the waiting game” and get the settlement you deserve.

Quick and Easy Service

We provide fast, professional and caring service to get you money when you need it most-NOW! A decision is usually made within 24 hours after we receive the necessary information from your attorney.

No Risk

If you lose your case, you owe absolutely nothing in return.

No Monthly Payments or Out of Pocket Fees

Fees are never charged unless you actually receive an advance and you only make a payment if and when your case is settled.

Low Rates

In comparison with our competitors, we still manage to have some of the lowest fees around.

We Have No Input or Control in Your Case

All management and decisions pertaining to your case are made by you and your counsel.

We fund all types of lawsuits


We offer the lowest rates in the lawsuit funding industry. Rates are dependent upon the type of case, but each case will be carefully considered.  

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What happens if you lose your case, but you already borrowed the money? You keep the money and owe absolutely nothing.

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Once most cases are approved, you can usually expect to receive your money within 24 hours. It will be delivered to you via overnight mail or direct deposit.

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