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An industry leader in lawsuit funding and advance cash - We are here to meet all the borrowing needs of people that are stuck waiting for their expected settlement that is due from an imminent judgment or personal lawsuit. There's no question that the demand for lawsuit loan and advance cash services, that we provide is due to an incredibly slow legal system that will ultimately cause almost all plaintiffs to suffer unnecessary financial strain. By confiding in the, we will help you conquer any financial stress that you might be encountering. As long as your case meets our specific lending guidelines, we will be able to provide you with our unique legal financing.

We Provide Lawsuit Loans within 24-Hours or Less

Once we receive all of your important case information, the will be able to provide you with a very quick answer regarding your advance cash answer.

Located in New York, NY, our business is present in over 40 different states.

The lawsuit funding that we offer can assist you with getting through the difficult times that you might be faced during the settlement process. No matter why you need our advance cash, for rent or other bills, the will provide you the finances that you need. Not stopping there, we also offer lending options for any medical expenses that might present themselves.

Another our available lending option is to receive lawsuit funding after your settlement has been granted, but not yet paid out. Also known as post-settlement funding, this option is especially important when it comes to the long wait that can occur while you are awaiting your settlement. This is particularly true if your settlement gets held up during a strenuous appeal process. The completely realizes that many plaintiffs will be faced with the harsh reality that living expenses cannot be put on hold while you wait for your settlement. Because of this, we provide important legal funding for all people.

It's important to know that you are not selling us your lawsuit itself. Instead, you will be provided with lawsuit funding in exchange for your upcoming lawsuit settlement. Proving that we are completely on your side, the will only require to pay the loan back if you are lucky enough to win your case. With an experienced staff that absolutely recognizes you individual situation, we promise to get you the financial loan that you need; at the lowest possible rate.

Both feasible options, pre-settlement and Post-settlement financing will help you get advance cash within 24-Hours or less. If you find yourself in a financial bind that is related to your legal situation, we can definitely assist you. Making lawsuit funding easier than ever, we do not think it's fair that you have to decide between paying your lawyer or being forced to settle for a lower amount.

Lawsuit funding Intended for plaintiffs

No credit or Bad Credit? Not a Problem

No credit or Bad Credit? Not a Problem
Your advance is determined solely on the strength of your case.

4 Simple Steps

4 Simple Steps
Lawsuit Funding in four easy steps
Step 1 - Complete an Online Application or call our toll free number (888)767-4288
Step 2 - We Contact Your Attorney
Step 3 - Case is Reviewed
Step 4 - You receive $$$

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No Risk To You

No Risk To You
If you lose your case, you keep the money advanced to you and owe absolutely nothing in return.

Money within 24 hours

Money within 24 hours
Once approved, you can typically receive your money within 24 hours via overnight mail or a bank wire.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing
We offer Lowest Rates in the industry. Rates charged will vary with the type of case.

Calc-Ur-Rate > by using our Easy Calculator,

Personal injury lawsuit funding is an advance for a lawsuit you have been injured in. The field of personal injury law includes cases such as automobile accidents, malpractice suits, and premise liabilities.   Lawsuit funding - Presettlement Funding - Case Funding - Presettlement Cash Advance, these are just some of the phrases used to describe the process of getting a cash advance on your lawsuit.  Lawsuit funding - Presettlement Funding - Case Funding - Presettlement Cash Advance.  Lawsuit funding - Presettlement Funding - Case Funding - Presettlement Cash Advance.

Lawsuit Funding is a way to get a cash advance in order to cover your expenses during your legal battle. There is no credit check for a cash advance and the only requirement is to have a pending lawsuit. We assess your case and determine if you qualify for lawsuit funding based solely on the strength of your case.

The strains of a legal battle can ware you out both emotionally and financially. There are several options to fighting this battle. Opting to settle out of court might save you the burden, but it could also mean that you are getting less for your settlement than you deserve. Your most practical option would be to obtain a lawsuit cash advance to help overcome your financial struggle.

To get the required finances, you can apply for Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding today.

Pre-settlement Funding
Lawsuit Funding
Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding
Malpractice Lawsuit/Case Funding
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Pre-settlement lawsuit funding is also known as a "Non-Recourse" cash advance. This means that if you lose your case, you owe nothing in return. Prime Case Funding understands that this is a tough time for you financially, which is why we offer these types of cash advance risk-free. The money you borrow today through a pre settlement cash advance can help you obtain a larger settlement in the end by keeping you afloat during your legal battle.  Pre-Settlement funding is the most common type of lawsuit financing. This means the plaintiff gets a cash advance before the lawsuit is settled.

Why Should you choose Pre-Settlement Funding Cash Advances?

  • Approved in less than 24 hours

  • Immediate funds for your needs

  • Lowest interest rates

  • No collateral required

  • No monthly payments to worry about

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